Come to a retreat if you long to:

    • Let go of shame and take up a sense of personal authority
    • Awaken to your sexuality, pleasure and life energy
    • Experience a loving connection with yourself and others
    • More freely express your needs and boundaries
    • Know the divinity that already exits within
    • Make peace with your body
Retreats are opportunities for individuals and couples to do transformational work while being deeply held in the support of a loving community.  Utilizing the Shalom Retreat model™, the foundation for such a community is based on what the great teachers have shared about love:  More than anything else, we long to love and be loved.  Love is a gift.  Love is not time-bound.  Love is a response to need.

At the retreats, various experiences are created which are intended to help release blocks of energy that are caused by unexpressed emotions.  Often people avoid expressing anger, fear, pain or grief because of fear of the power behind these feelings.  Once these feelings are released and honoured, one is able to trust the intuition, pleasure and wisdom that the body holds.

The retreats emphasize breath and expressive movement in order to help ground the work in an integration of mind, body and soul.  Other techniques used by the leaders may include guided imagination, Gestalt™, Core Energetics™, role playing and ritual.  As people meet each other with authenticity, they experience a communion of souls.  There is a transformed sense of being able to trust and embrace life with the discovery of solid ground on which authentic power can stand.  Loving and being loved become possible in ways people never imagined possible.

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