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Calling people to be conscious, loving and fully alive.

Shalom Retreats were developed by Jerry and Elisabeth Jud, in 1969, as a process for exploring the transformative and healing power of loving community. In 1976, Shalom Mountain Retreat and Study Center was established in the Catskill Mountains one hundred miles northwest of New York City.

For more than 30 years, people from all walks of life have been experiencing the benefits of the Shalom process.  The Shalom process is based on the principles and skills of intentional loving:

More than anything else, we want to love and be loved.
Love is a gift.
Love is not time bound.
Love is good will in action.
Love is a response to need.

People learn that feelings of love follow when they see, hear, have good will toward and honor each other without judgment.

A Shalom Retreat usually takes place in a residential, rural setting where great care is taken to create a safe, confidential, respectful and loving community.  A retreat has these essential elements:

  • Skilled and compassionate leadership
  • Experiential exercises grounded in Western psychology, including Gestalt, CoreEnergetics, role playing and story telling
  • Focused time for your own personal work with the retreat leader
  • A reverence for spirit and the mystical journey
  • A small group format, limited to 10 to 15 participants, allowing for intimate connection with one another

The Shalom process addresses underlying patterns of believing, acting and relating that are no longer life-giving.  Retreat participants are invited to trust the process of their own lives.  They are taught that, ultimately, each person is responsible for his/her own life. Each person must claim his/her own power to be and to act. The open space of loving community allows for healing and enables people to move forward on the inward journey of knowing self and the outward journey of creative expression in the world.

At the retreats, all spiritual paths are honored. Disciplines for life’s journey (such as yoga, meditation, dreamwork, journal-writing, fasting, worship and the study of mythology and sacred literature) are taught to inspire and guide one’s individual journey.

Because Shalom Retreats are intensive growth experiences, they are well suited as a complement to individual or couple therapy.  It is recommended that people consider attending three or more consecutive retreats in order to more thoroughly explore, shift and ground retreat experiences and life changes.

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