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Core Energetics is a mind/body therapeutic approach, that was developed by Dr. John Pierrakos, M.D., along with Alexander Lowen, co-founder of Bioenergetics.  It is based on the belief that with love, support, consciousness and a willingness to be fully alive in the present moment, we can open our hearts to all of who we are, break down old patterns, and free up our life force to align with our life’s purpose.

John Pierrakos explains that each of us can has reach our potential as human beings. What stops us is that we learn to inhibit ourselves. Through the challenges of growing up in imperfect families and an imperfect world, we learn to cope by building walls of protection called defense mechanisms. These defense structures, embedded in our cellular memory, create energy blocks in our bodies.  Sometimes these blocks can cause health issues, limit our vitality, and prevent us from having a healthy sexual expression.  They are connected to misguided beliefs about ourselves that keep us locked in guilt or fear or resentment. As a result, we constrain our life force and cut off from our essential nature, our spirit.
What to expect in Core Energetic Therapy

Using Core Energetics is a way to start to unravel old patterns. We uncover ways that we hide or “mask” ourslves in order to remain safe. Trapped feelings are released, often through physical activities involving movement and breathing. Once the tension dissolves we are more able to feel energy streaming through.  This release opens us to “connecting” with feelings such as desire, pleasure, love and appreciation.  We can bring to consciousness the feelings that are hidden beneath and begin to work through them.

In the physical work of Core Energetics, the body can be addressed in many ways, along with the mind, to help us meet our goals for effective and lasting change.  For example, information about our patterns of muscular tension and weakness can be used to better understand beliefs and ideas that are difficult to articulate due to their unconscious nature. Letting go of negative thoughts and feelings can help us truly discover our Core. In a very real sense, the aim of the work is to reclaim the wonder, passion and spontaneity of a child, while also evolving as a creative, empathic and self-responsible adult.
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