Rekindled Relations is the private therapy practice of Karen James-Abra based in Stratford, Ontario.

I work out of my life experiences to nurture wellness and to help people connect deeply with themselves and others. I believe that with self-knowledge, people become free to make choices that are life enhancing. I offer therapy for individuals, couples, and families. Click here for further details.

I have committed my life to my own healing and awakening and, in turn, I help others to journey toward wholeness. My healing is most profound when I feel welcomed into loving community. My work with others involves the invitation to such experiences.

I have graduate training in counselling psychology (MEd) and in Christian theology (MDiv). I am a registered marriage and family therapist with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) and a registered social worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW). I have extensive training in a variety of therapeutic interventions including EMDRGestalt, psychodrama, Core Energetics® and cognitive behavioural therapy.

My practice includes individual, couple, and group therapy as well as a variety of workshops and retreats in both urban and rural settings. I offer clinical expertise in a manner and environment that is safe. In workshop or retreat settings, I blend traditional clinical practices with art, music, storytelling, dance, and meditation in a rich and experiential process.

Bill, my partner of almost 33 years, and I, have completed the Exceptional Marriage mentor training with Brian and Marcia Gleason. This is a body/mind-based approach to marriage therapy focusing on honest emotional expression and conscious awareness. Upon request, Bill and I will work together to mentor couples who are struggling with infidelity, transition, conflict, or a lacklustre relationship.



Rekindled Relations offers opportunities for sparking new life:

  • Individual therapy for stress management, anxiety, depression, or recovery from trauma
  • Couples therapy to help raiseconsciousness  about defeating patterns in relationships that prevent closeness and intimacy
  • Family therapy to overcome repetitive conflict so that each family member can more effectively get his or her needs met
  • Group support and education related to such topics as grief and mindfulness-based stress management
  • Retreats based on the Shalom process™ for exploring the healing power of loving community